OCM 2017


Dr. Griffiths G. Atungulu is an Assistant Professor of Grain Process Engineering in the Food Science Department at the University Of Arkansas Division Of Agriculture. Griffiths’ education has been in agricultural engineering with research specialization in grains process engineering. He holds Bachelors of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya and MS and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Engineering from Iwate University, Japan. Following his graduation, he worked as a research engineer at Kyushu University in Japan on a Japanese Society of Promotion of Sciences fellowship. He has conducted post-doctorate research at both Iwate University in Japan and at the University of CA at Davis, where he also held the position as a Project Engineer on the faculty there before joining the University Of Arkansas Division Of Agriculture as an Assistant Professor. Griffiths has worked in various aspects of grain processing in the past. At present, his program is focused on engineering effective strategies to maintain grain quality and prevent mycotoxin development. These researches include development of novel techniques for detection, decontamination and detoxification of harmful grain molds and mycotoxin, study of kinetics of grain quality degradation and mold/mycotoxin development during on-farm in-bin drying/storage, mathematical modelling and optimization of grain drying /storage systems, and grain processing by-product utilization

For more details visit: http://foodsecurity.conferenceseries.com/


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