Environmental stress on FOOD SECURITY.

To fully understand the impacts of global environmental change on food security, it is important to focus on food systems, not just agricultural production, because climate change affects food security through multiple paths, not just through the direct effects of climate change on crop yields, for example. Adaptation may occur at several points in food systems, not just at the place of production. Analysts of food security and food systems recognize that agriculture and food provisioning are only one component of food systems, and that food availability from production is only one dimension of food security, because environmental change will affect not only food production but also livelihoods and economies. However, risks to food security may be increased, because supply chains become more vulnerable and because of pollution. Loss of crop diversity, decline of pollinators and increased vulnerability of mono cultures to diseases are additional stress factors. On the other hand, regional or local self-sufficiency and the reliance on extensive farming systems would require more cultivated land at the expense of natural habitats. The environmental stress may include climate change, water crises, land degradation, agricultural diseases, food sovereignty and dictatorship. The recently released effects-of-environmental-stress-on-food-security Human Development Report states that Millions of people are hungry not (only) because crops may have failed, but because they do not have access to land to produce crops or graze animals, suitable climate for cultivation or  jobs that provide incomes adequate for buying food.

For more details visit: http://foodsecurity.conferenceseries.com/


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