Food security is often explained in terms of food availability, food access and food utilization.“Global agriculture currently produces ample calories and nutrients to provide the entire world’s people healthy and productive lives”. However, food is not distributed equally to regions, countries, households and individuals. Improved access to food-through increased agricultural productivity and incomes-is essential to meet the food needs of the world’s growing population. Successful food security and poverty-oriented programs not only assist poor rural populations to produce more and diversified products but to produce a surplus that can be marketed and thereby generate income for the purposes of improving quality of life through improved diet and nutrition, investment in productive activity, and as collateral for credit to purchase inputs and/or other supplies to enhance agricultural or non-agricultural enterprise.

The main aim is to provide an international Platform and conduct healthy interactive sessions among the global experts as well as the future aspirants in the field of food science towards its growth, exploring the topic Global Food Security along with the other related scientific sessions like Global Food SecurityEthics, Policies and Role of Governing Body | Food Security and its Nutritional Impact | Community Development for Food SecurityEconomic and Social Status | Food Security and Risk Assessment | Food Safety | Food Security and Sustainable Development | Global Trade Liberalization: Impacts on Food Security | Environmental Changes Affecting Food Security | Emerging Technologies for Food Security | Agricultural Revolution | Food Security Management. Accordingly our targeted audience/attendees will be the Food Experts/ scientists/ researchers/ Laureates/ academicians/ agriculturists/ economists/ environmentalists/ industrialists and of course the most important Students, our future.

Global Food Security Conference 2018 is glad to announce that after conducting Food Security 2017 at San Diego USA with the wonderful greetings and Well wishes of the mayor of the city San Diego as well as our conference speakers and attendees, this year we are determined for the Empire state, New York: It is one of those famous places in the world with Broadway theaters, cinemas, electronic billboards and many more for which it is said, New York is a city that never sleeps!